WeCoach Pro


Questions & Answers

Set up
  • 1. How do I insert the tracker into the band?
    Insert the tracker from the back of the band. Gently pushes top corners of the tracker in with your thumbs and then push the bottom corner in.
  • 2. How do I take the tracker out of the band?
    Gently pushes the top corners out with your thumbs from the front of the band, and then pushes the bottom corner out.
  • 3. How do I activate my WeCoach Pro for my first time use?
    Put WeCoach Pro on the charging base to activate it for first time use, LED lights will blink white.
  • 4. How do I activate my WeCoach Pro for daily use?
    Shake WeCoach Pro until LED lights blink
  • 5. How do I turn off WeCoach Pro?
    WeCoach pro automatically switches to sleep mode in 2 minutes when you are using it.
  • 6. How do I restart WeCoach pro?
    Put WeCoach pro on the charging base, it restarts when white LED light blink once.
  • 7. How do I recharge WeCoach pro?
    Plug the USB end of the charging cable into the USB port on your computer and the micro USB end into the charging base. Then put WeCoach pro on the charging base.
  • 8. How do I know the battery level of Wecoach Pro?
    Dim white lights indicate low battery level and bright white lights indicate high battery level. You can also see the battery percentage at your APPs.
  • 9. How long does it take to get WeCoach pro fully charged?
    It takes approximately 2.5 hours to have WeCoach pro fully charged.
  • 10. How long does the battery last?
    Up to 15 hours usage
  • 11. How long does the battery last if I don't use it?
    Up to 2 months standby.
  • 12. Where can I find the cable?
    USB cable is in the black paper box contains the tracker.
  • 13. Why I can't activate WeCoach when I gently shake it after the first time use?
    Shake it a little harder. We set up activation intervals to avoid unintended activations. The design is to save battery and extend battery life.
  • 14. How do I know I am recharging WeCoach pro?
    In the recharging process, lights keep blinking. If the lights stop blinking, you can shake the tracker to check.
  • 15. Why the lights don't blink when I charge WeCoach pro for the first time?
    1. Check if USB port is working 2. Check if the cable is plugged in in the right way 3. Check if the tracker magnetically sticks to the charging base. If you have checked all above, charge and wait for a few minutes because lights don't blink when battery level is very low.
Bluetooth Connection
  • 1. What Bluetooth version does WeCoach pro require?
    Your smartphone should support Bluetooth 4.0 to pair with WeCoach pro. Bluetooth needs to be turned on manually in some smartphones. Restart your smartphone if your phone still doesn't connect to WeCoach pro.
  • 2. How do I connect WeCoach?
    1. Share WeCoach to activate it. 2. Open App 3. Select ‘Me’>>’Connection’ 4. Select the device code 5. Confirm. When smartphone has Internet connection, you will just need to connect one App with WeCoach and the rest will connect automatically.
  • 3. Why do I have wrong device code?
    Set up Bluetooth connection in App, not in smartphone settings.
  • 4. Do the lights indicate a successful connection?
    Yes. Blue lights indicate successful connection.
  • 5. Why do I have Bluetooth signal but I can’t connect?
    Set up Bluetooth connection in App, not in smartphone settings.
  • 6. Why do I have lots of disconnections?
    Make sure the tracker is fully charged, low battery may cause weak signal. Different smartphones may have different signal strength; try to put your smartphone at the same side as WeCoach so that your body won’t block signal; check your smartphone RAM.
  • 7. Why does WeCoach have higher requirement of Bluetooth connection than other wearable bands?
    WeCoach requires constant Bluetooth connection while other wearable bands just need Bluetooth connection during synchronizations. Unstable connection affects user experience.
  • 8. Why WeCoach is more power efficient than Bluetooth headsets?
    WeCoach uses Bluetooth 4.0 low energy solution.
  • 9. Can I use my Bluetooth headset at the same time?
  • 10. Will WeCoach still voice coach me while I am listening to music?
    Yes. When Wecoach voice coaches you, it will automatically lower music volume and resume music volume after voice coaching.
System and Account
  • 1. Why I fail to install the Apps in my smartphone?
    Android version should be higher than Android 4.3 to run the Apps.
  • 2. Can I run WeCoach at non-official ROMs?
    We recommend official ROMs, non-official ROMs may have unknown bugs or compatibility issues, our engineers may not be able to address the issue.
  • 4. Do I register different accounts for different Apps??
    No. All the Apps share one account. Once an account is registered, personal data will be synchronized among all Apps.
  • 5. Can the training and personal data be shared between iOS smartphone and Android smartphone?
    Yes. All historical training data are synchronized to our server. Try to make sure your smartphone has Internet connection to avoid data loss.
  • 6. How do I turn on the voice coaching system?
    Go to ‘Me’>>’Voice Coaching’. Android smartphones may have different volumes for different Apps; try to increase the volume first.
  • 7. [Android] How do I prevent Android closing my WeCoach Apps automatically?
    When smartphone has low RAM, WeCoach Apps might be closed automatically. We recommend self-turn-on WeCoach Apps in your settings.
GPS and Maps
  • 1. Why there is no map available when I run on treadmill?
    Use ‘Treadmill mode’ when run on treadmill, GPS can’t track your location.
  • 2. Why do I have 0 distances?
    Turn on GPS.
  • 3. What do I do when the map can’t locate my position?
    Make sure you have turned on GPS; it might take longer for your first time use due to different smartphones; restart Apps if no positioning in 3 minutes.
  • 4. Does the map consume my smartphone data?
    Yes. But you can also use offline map to save your smartphone data. Go to ‘Me’>>’Offline Map’ and download the map you need.
  • 5. Why does my smartphone have wrong/missing tracking?
    Probably caused by weak GPS signal or signal interference; we recommend turning on GPS in advance, restart your smartphone when GPS is weak; you can also try to clear RAM, close the Apps you don’t use.
  • 6. Does the power saving mode affect tracking?
    Yes. Power saving mode has low GPS accuracy, we recommend normal mode during your training.
  • 7. [ios] What do I do when I have wrong distance tracking?
    Go to ‘Settings’>’Privacy’>’Location Services’>Share My Location with WeCoach Apps> Select ‘Always’
  • 8. [ios] What do I do when GPS automatically turned off?
    Go to ‘Settings’>’Privacy’>’Location Services’>Share My Location with WeCoach Apps> Select ‘Always’
Heart rate monitor
  • 1. How do I check my heart rate?
    Training heart rate: you can check your real time heart rate in App during your training process. Resting heart rate: Go to ‘Me’>>’Resting Heart Rate’.
  • 2. What do I do if heart rate is not accurate?
    1. Wear WeCoach at palm side of your wrist 2. Wear WeCoach tighter 3. Update App to the latest version.
  • 3. How do I turn on heart rate voice notice?
    Go to ‘Custom Training’
  • 4. Why there is heart rate even when I am not wearing WeCoach?
    WeCoach uses optical sensor which senses heart rate by the green light reflection from blood. When it’s not worn, it still captures the light signals in the air. WeCoach utilizes the most of optical sensor to get the most accurate heart rate when it’s worn.
  • 5. Why there is a big heart rate difference when I take it off from my left wrist and put it back on my right wrist?
    WeCoach optical sensor is interfered during your changing process from your left wrist to your right wrist. Heart rate should be stabilized after you wear it for a while.
Fitness tracking
  • 1. Why I can’t track my movements sometimes?
    Check if you wear WeCoach at the right position, refer to the Apps for the right positions; do like the video coach does as much as possible in terms of movement range and pace to maximize your training gain; check your smartphone battery; try to put your smartphone at the same side with WeCoach.
  • 2. Why I can’t play/download training videos?
    Check if internet connection is fine; check if you smartphone system time is correct; check if it is an uncompleted download.
  • 3. Why I can’t use fitness machines?
    Apps still in development.
  • 4. Why training plan doesn’t update after I finish the planned running?
    Training plan updates the next day after you finish all your training plans
  • 5. Why training plan only updates only after finish the planned running?
    Training plan is customized; WeCoach won’t schedule an over intensive training plan until you are able to finish it.
  • 1. Service Hotline :400 036 8991